not_an_artist and project_(un)_doer working in New York from 1994-2002, in Berlin since 2002, and in Weimar 2009-2015, teaching at University of the Arts, Berlin, and as artistic researcher at GedenkOrt Charite, Berlin, since 2016.  Co-founder of the project space arttransponder in 2004, artistic director 2005-2009. arttransponder was an experimental art space concentrating on all aspects of participation art and collective practices at the interface to other disciplines.  Teaching as Assistant Professor from 2009-2011 and as Associate at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar 2011-2015, with a particular focus on developing international projects, such as "Strategic Partnerships" with the University of California in San Diego/Drawing Across Disciplines. Elected mid-level Academic representative for labor conditions from 2012-2014.




2010/2011 - 2014/2015 - PhD in Art -  summa cum laude, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar. "...später baut sie Atomschiffe."


2002 - 2004 Master of Arts postgraduate Program, University of the Arts, Berlin


2000- 2002 Master of Science in Art History, Pratt Institute, New York


1998 - 2000 MFA Painting, Graduate Fine Arts Program, Pratt Institute, New York


1994 - 1998 BFA Magna cum Laude, Visual Arts Program, SUNY Purchase, New York


Languages: German/English bilingual, fluent in French and Italian. Basic Greek.




Grants, Awards:

2016 NGBK grant (for realisation in 2017 - as part of Tunnel Below/Skyjack above) 


2014 Hochschulpreis für Nachwuchskünstler_in, (university prize for emerging artist, awarded once every two years, based on proposal by faculty), Bauhaus-Universität Weimar


2014 NGBK grant (as member of Enjoy (Y)our State of Emergency)


2014 DAAD Forschungsaufenthalt, University of California in San Diego


2013 DAAD Stipendium, Resident Artist, University of California in San Diego


2012 Promotionsstipendium, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar


2009 FFF-Bauhaus-Universität grant awarded for Oszillogramme, Budapest


2008 NGBK grant (as member of for RE/Positionierung)


2007 Kulturamt Mitte – project grant (with Käthe Wenzel)


2007 DA art project grant, Münster (with Käthe Wenzel)


2001 ATOA competition winner, New York


2000 Symposium, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Juried/selected by Donald Kuspit





Projects (selected)

2016 "Domestic Warscapes" solo exhibition at alpha nova/ galerie futura, Berlin


• 2015 "Walking from Weimar to Berlin"  collective intervention/action in public space, initiated by Vienne Chan, picked up by Antonije Buric. Walking thorugh Thuringia and Saxony, a full 269 km in 6 days. With Vienne Chan, Felipe Serro, Antonije Buric, Roozbeh Tazhibi, presented at Gorki Theater within the framework of Imaginary Bauhaus.


• 2015 "NoExit" international "transborder"exhibition OKK Berlin.  


• 2015 "Out of (B)order" conference/workshop Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar/ UCSD. Organizer, initiator, concept/ workshop NoExit/An/Amnesia with Kate Clark, Philippe Schmidt, Emily Bovino


2015 "Selected" (selected from scholarship recipients) two-panel light box, human milk drawing, from the series: "...später baut sie Atomschiffe." Haus am Horn, Weimar


2014 Enjoy (Y)our State of Emergency, ngbk, Berlin


2013 Auktions Komitee Wedding, AGORA Biennial Athens


2013 Human Milk as Invisible Ink - resident artist, DAAD Stipend, Experimental Drawing Studio, University of California in San Diego


2013 "...später baut sie Atomschiffe" solo exhibition, OKK, project space, Berlin, with EGFK


2012 "...later, she will build nuclear vessels" Artist's Talk, Nano/Macro/Mega, Department of Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego, California


2012 Indistinguishability as Exhibition Strategy, Artist Talk, Public Strategies, Art & Technology, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar/UCSD (text)


2011 Habitus Manipulator, Beyond Re/Production, Kunsthaus Bethanien


2011 BE-Hairy & Buttons, Männerbilder, Exhibition and Performance, with Käthe Wenzel, Amaliengalerie, Berlin


2010 BE-Hairy & Buttons, The Art of Survival, Exhibition and Performance, B-Hairy, Kunsthaus Gravenhorst


2010 Pushing the Elastic Cube, Project for University Seminar, Ins & Outs, arttransponder, Berlin


2009  BE-Hairy & Buttons Evidence and Ambivalence of Men's Suits, Symposium, University of Oldenburg, Performance (with Käthe Wenzel)


2009 The Chemistry of Travelling Myths, Oscillogrammes. Goethe Institute Budapest/2B Gallery Budapest. Symposium and exhibitions, co curator and initiator


2007 - 2009 Bauchpinselmachinenservice – belly/ego stroking maschine, in collaboration with Käthe Wenzel. Interactive performance about the exploitation of the desire for recognition in employment. Funded by the Kunstkommunikationsstipendium, Gravenhorst, Münster, Kulturamt Mitte and


2005 – 2007 mammamal - breastmilkpainting Infomercial arttransponder, Berlin (catalog)


2004 Four Questions to be asked about Wild Animals at every Stop on the way from Beesen to Frohe Zukunft Werkleitz Biennale, Halle Germany (school of the Missing Studies)


2004 MaMA stellt Frogen ( Rein/Rauskommen ) (MaMA questioning getting in/out) in collaboration with Tatjana Fell: quasi ethnological artistic study involving a questionnaire appropriating the look of the heavily marketed exhibition


2004 - 2005 Fresh Natural Mabumamma – Performance and Installation – documentary video . futura Gallery Prag, (catalog) Kurt im Hirsch Gallery Berlin, Berlin Museum of Medical History, Schafler Gallery New York. (catalog)


2003 Of one who stepped out (of her clothes) Transportale, Berlin in collaboration with Mario Rizzi (catalog)




Teaching Projects (selected)



Teaching at University of the Arts, Berlin, since 2016 - Institute for Art in Context

Summer Semester 2016 - Experimental Drawing 2 or 4 credits

Winter Semester 2016/17 Temporary Interventions in Public Space, Case Study: Charite Medical Center


Teaching at Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies

Hired as Assistant Professor in 2009,

teaching as Associate from 2011-2015, as Adjunct since 2015

Approximately 25-30 students from 18 countries per year.

Topics: Art and Commemoration, Temporary Interventions in Public Space, Art in Architecture, New Artistic Strategies

Sample Courses:

2015 – NoExit/AnAmnesia

Co-conceptualized Conference, Initiated Workshop.

Workshop, Kate Clark, Emily Bovino (Visual Art, UCSD) Lisa Glauer (Art and Design) Philippe Schmidt (Urbanism)

(funded by „Strategic Partnerships“, with University of California, San Diego)

2014 – Drawing Across Disciplines

Initiated, developed and organized workshop, funded by Strategic Partnerships with UCSD, in collaboration with EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING STUDIO, University of California, San Diego. The workshop was based on a a transdisciplinary approach to hand-drawing for enhancing perceptional training and experimental drawing skills


2014/15 Art as (In)visible Labor – developing an artistic response - 6 credits

How does the (d)evaluation of  (care-)work play out, depending on whose body is seen as producing it, in the supposedly post-feminist, post author, post-everything artworld? What and whose work is pushed out and made invisible how and where? The work developed was on view in the semester exhibition titled WORK.


2013/14 How to Monday Night Lecture Series  - (with Anki Hannemann) 3 credits

Students will manage and coordinate the MNL themselves, which will include: selection and choice of guests, calculating and managing budget, preparing announcements, coordinating technical support and presenting the lecturers - develop introductory presentations that relate to the theme, work or talk of the invited guest speaker. Presentations can include: performance, video-clip, sound piece, an active discussion or else.


2013/14 Dis/Re/Membering (with Anki Hannemann) 3 credits

Develop public artistic presentation skills in relation to Art and Commemoration

Connect public displays of cultural and collective memory and link these thoughts to what might constitute unspoken – memory and commemoration in the public realm.


2012 City as Stage – City as Laboratory (with Nina Lundström) 2 credits

Beyond the "white cube": What is the role of the autonomous, individual artist seeking to express him or herself in and with the public realm?  What do artists need to know about the context they are working in - how can they find out about a context they will be working with in the future?

2011 INSIDE/OUTSIDE- MARTA/HERFORD- Buckminster Fuller/ (with Nadin Reschke)

Students are invited to participate with a short film in the Symposium „About Richard Buckminster Fuller“ at the Marta Museum in Herford.  Films are to be developed in relation to the utopian ideas of Buckminster Fuller.  The course will cuilminate in a three day excurion to Herford.


2012 (Un)Disciplined Body-Temporary Interventions in Public Space

(with Danica Dakic, Anki Hannemann) semester project 18 credits

The (individual) body’s encounter with space, the experience of its limitations and delimitation corresponds in every case to the question of the individual in relation to society and their respective power relations. But how does the body open a space through performative movement and how does it develop there – when is body disciplined, when undisciplined?  Funded by Goethe Institute


2010/2011 Art in Architecture (with Hans Hemmert, Georg Zey, Nadin Reschke) semester project, 18 credits

All aspects of a typical art in architecture competition will be dealt with based on an exemplary assignment for the permanent installation of a work of art. The focus of this semester’s work will lie on the development of artistic ideas, followed by technical planning, budgeting and their presentation via image and model. Goal and finale of the work is the public presentation of the designs and an exhibition


 2010/11 Reading Room/Speaking Space graduate theory seminar, 6 credits

Different ways of experiencing the local interior and exterior space and landscape, as it relates to language will be considered, providing room for cultural exchange and translation. Drawing on Bachelard's, Poetics of Space, a particular emphasis will be placed on the descriptive, the phenomenological – physical and psychological - experience of perceiving works of art:

2009 Excavating other (sub)Versions: THE PROCESS OF COMMEMORATIONGraduate Theory Seminar 6 credits

Drawing on personal memory and contextualizing this within the arts by examining work by international and local artists, the course aims at developing a framework for reflecting on the artists’ individual practice while considering the potential for creating collective and individual commemorative work within an increasingly “Globalized Village”.  It is encouraged to develop a theoretical approach by reflecting on the respective individual artistic practice





Advisor/Examiner for the following MFA Thesis Projects

(to be added)



Publications/Translations (selected)






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